Off piste skiing

Explore the huge amount of off piste skiing in Zermatt with your Summit instructor

Zermatt is a great place to ski off piste. We have plenty of slopes that aren’t continually flattened by the grooming machines, and we’d love to introduce you to the thrill of skiing off piste.

Take an off piste instructor and work on your off piste technique, learn how to use avalanche safety equipment and be able to head away from the crowds in search of powder. With terrain from easy to challenging there is something for everyone.

What we can do

In Switzerland, ski teachers with the top Swiss qualification (or equivalent) and the permission from the kanton to take clients off piste, can do so on non-glacial terrain. This means we can teach you the appropriate ski techniques for dealing with variable snow while exploring terrain away from the prepared pistes. We can also introduce you to the fatter skis you might take for skiing off piste and show you how the safety equipment works.

What we can't do

If you want to ski on the glaciers, then you will need the services of a UIAGM mountain guide rather than a ski teacher. UIAGM guides have training on travelling over glaciers. Seasoned off piste skiers will certainly appreciate the experience that skiing on the glaciers provides and it’s something we would certainly recommend if you want to really get far away from the pistes and experience the mountains around Zermatt.

If you are looking to...

You should book

Improve your technique
Ski some itinerary runs
Tackle some moguls off the side of the slopes

Any of Summit’s excellent instructors

Get an introduction to off piste technique
Head off piste beyond the itinerary runs
Learn how to use avalanche safety equipment

One of Summit’s BBT off piste instructors

Ski on Zermatt’s glaciers
Go ski touring

A UIAGM mountain guide from the Alpine Centre

If you are skiing with an off piste instructor:

• Make sure you ask for an instructor with the kantonal permission to teach off piste.
• You should be able to confidently ski all grades of prepared pistes before heading into the variable snow.
• Every member of the group should be equipped with an avalanche transceiver. Your instructor can show you how these work at the start of the day.
• It is your responsibility to ensure you have insurance that covers you while skiing off piste.

We have the right instructor for you

We are a diverse team so go ahead and tell us what you are looking for and we'll happily recommend one for you (male, female, energetic, patient, understanding, young, mature, technical, fun, experienced etc)

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